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NFC Enabled Memorial Tag

NFC Enabled Memorial Tag

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Old Stone Tag (patent pending) utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, a short-range wireless connectivity technology that lets NFC-enabled devices communicate with each other. Essentially, it's a way for your phone or tablet to interact with Old Stone Tag so that the end-user can see the information you provide. The user would simply place their phone or tablet over the tag, similar to how one uses a key card to unlock a door or use your debit/credit card at checkout. The information you provided, which is securely stored on "the cloud," will then be displayed on the user's device.

For more information, visit ABOUT OST – Old Stone Tag

Choose the 2-1/2″ round rigid PVC tag. The tag is 1/16″ thick and comes with a 3M™ 300LSE permanent adhesive applied to the back of the tag for permanent adhesion to the memorial or marker. This option is recommended for outdoor use.

Or, choose the 1-1/2″ round flexible PVC on-metal tag. The tag is 1/50″ thick and comes with a 3M™ 467MP adhesive applied to the back of the tag for applying to an urn. This option is recommended for indoor use and can be applied to virtually any material.

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